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Eclipse Collections 9.0 Released!

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It’s official! Eclipse Collections 9.0 is available in Maven Central and Eclipse p2 Repo. Here’s the release review from the Eclipse Foundation.

I presented Eclipse Collections 7.0 at JavaOne 2015 with Hiroshi Ito in two sessions titled “Eclipse Collections by Example”. I’ll be back at JavaOne presenting again (sadly without Hiroshi this time), and we now have an official logo, Eclipse Collections Stickers and our first batch of Eclipse Collections t-shirts. We also have an updated pair of Eclipse Collections katas, both hosted online in GitHub. You can check them out here:

Here we are two years and two major releases later. Eclipse Collections 7.x versions are compatible all the way back to Java 5. Eclipse Collections 8.0 was the first release to be compiled with Java 8. Eclipse Collections 9.0 continues to be compatible with Java 8 and has had some changes that make it compatible going forward with Java 9.

Java 9 and Eclipse Collections 9, both released right before JavaOne 2017. So exciting!

Here are the official release notes for Eclipse Collections 9.0.

The Eclipse Collections community continues to grow, and we are now up to 24 contributors in GitHub. This was the original purpose of moving Eclipse Collections to the Eclipse Foundation. We wanted to have a truly open source project where anyone could contribute, and through meritocracy eventually become future committers and project leads. This is really happening.

I created stickers for the current top ten contributors (by commits) in GitHub. I also created an over-sized Eclipse Collections bumper sticker and fixed them all to my work laptop.

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We will be looking for more interested users and contributors at JavaOne. I am hosting two sessions in the Hackergarten where I will help developers begin the journey to become an Eclipse Collections contributor. The best place to start that journey is right here:

I hope to see some of you at JavaOne. I also hope you will give Eclipse Collections 9.0 a look and maybe even try it out in your current or perhaps an upcoming project. It really is an amazingly comprehensive Java collections framework.

Java Champion. Creator of the Eclipse Collections OSS Java library ( Inspired by Smalltalk. Opinions are my own.

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