Three years of public blogging and still going strong.

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Keeping calm and focused in 2020 is a challenge. Writing is an outlet.

Three years and counting

Three years ago, I wrote my first public blog on Medium. It was about Symmetry in API design. Two Years later I published a blog celebrating two years of blogging.

On to 2020 — Finding More Bloggers

I set my goal for 2020 to find more bloggers and help them find their voices.

I have a new sense of community and purpose since I was selected as a Java Champion. I want to help more bloggers find their voices. It is hard to write, and very hard to write regularly, but it is so critically important to leave a bit of what we know to the current and future generations of developers to learn from.

I am happy to report that I have found some more bloggers and they have begun sharing their stories. Here are three folks who started blogging on Medium in 2020: Alex Goldberg, Sirisha Pratha, Vladimir Zakharov. Congrats and good journey to all of them and all of the other bloggers out there who have been finding their voices in 2020. Keep writing and telling your stories! I want to keep reading!

2020 —Surviving

My Top blog in 2020 so far is “Java Streams are great but it’s time for better Java Collections.”

My personal favorite blog so far in 2020 is “What I learned about COVID-19 from Acute Myeloid Leukemia.”

My blogging style changed in 2020 with this blog. This blog is raw and unfiltered and in it I share personal stories that terrify me. I hope it helps some folks keep their focus on what is important in life as we all strive to survive, and to appreciate all of the folks who put themselves at risk every day to help others.

For my third year of blogging, I have decided to add an honorable mention category to this recap. My honorable mention this year goes to my third most popular blog of all time — “Eager is Easy, Lazy is Labyrinthine.”

I think this blog is pretty good at explaining the pros and cons and differences between eager iteration and lazy iteration.

On to 2021 — Surviving 2020

That’s it, that’s my whole plan. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane. Social distance, wear masks, stay home as much as possible. Spend time with family, write when I can, take care of my family, mental and physical health.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. I hope you enjoy them and learn something useful from them now and again.

I am a Project Lead and Committer for the Eclipse Collections OSS project at the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse Collections is open for contributions. If you like the library, you can let us know by starring it on GitHub.

Java Champion. Creator of the Eclipse Collections OSS Java library ( Inspired by Smalltalk. Opinions are my own.

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