My Sixth Blogiversary

Donald Raab
2 min readJul 31, 2023

After 6 years of blogging, it’s time to write some more.

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No commitment, No problem

Last year I decided to release myself from the commitment to blog at least once per month. So how did I do this past year in terms of writing?

I wrote 34 blogs in the past year. So 2–3 blogs per month with zero commitment to a quota. I can live with that pace, without having to commit to it.

I love writing.

My Favorite Blog This Past Year

The biggest surprise I had this past blogging year was writing about my experiment building a ToDoList in Java using JavaFX. It reminded me of what coding used to be like when I would build UIs in a flash in Smalltalk.

The blog turned into four part series. I got to code with emojis, use Java Records and experiment with using Jackson to persist my ToDoList. It was a lot of fun to code and to write about. I hope the blogs are informational and fun to read.

Writing makes me happy, so I will keep writing

I hope along the way I will again see some of that humanity and caring I witnessed online during the pandemic. Little things like the happiness of a cup of coffee shared virtually in TheCoffeeClub, or a collaborative celebration of a friend or colleague who does something awesome, regardless of how big or small. I hope to continue to see other developers writing more, so I can dedicate some of my time to enjoying their words.

Be safe. Be kind. Be mindful. Be happy. Self care. Write. Hugs.

I am the creator of and committer for the Eclipse Collections OSS project, which is managed at the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse Collections is open for contributions.



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