JVMs.Compare — Benchmark Performance at Devnexus 2020

Round 3 —Open Java Track: Friday, Feb. 21, 3:30pm, Room 412!

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Devnexus 2020 is waiting for you!

Devnexus is one of my favorite conferences to speak at and attend for the past three years . I am amazed at the number of great speakers and topics to choose from at this great conference held each year in Atlanta. This year is going to be even more spectacular. There are new speakers I am excited to hear speak for the first time, and veteran industry luminaries I can’t wait to meet and catch up with.

If you havent signed up already, I highly recommend you consider booking tickets and attending!

So I have a talk at Devnexus 2020

This year I have one talk at the Devnexus conference with my friend, colleague and fellow Java Champion — Chandra Guntur.

Chandra just gave a newly updated version of this talk at the NY Java SIG on January 30th. We gave the first version of the talk together at Oracle CodeOne 2019 in San Francisco. The first version of the talk was well received and we got some great feedback and suggestions to further improve the talk. We listened to the feedback and have incorporated many important changes into the new version of the talk.

What can I tell you about this talk? Please read on…

What takes 56 hours and heats my home office?

Come to our session at Devnexus titled: “JVMs.Compare — Benchmark Performance” and you will find out. I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but we will be comparing the performance benchmarks running eight different JDK/JVM combinations on two different hardware configurations.

The Beast is Hungry

The Beast eats benchmarks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In total, The Beast and his friend “The Little Monster” will run 336 hours of benchmarks comparing several different JDK/JVM combos.

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The Beast

How do you know when The Beast is feasting?

The Beast has twenty four teeth, ready to cut through serial and parallel benchmarks with extreme focus. This is what The Beast looks like when it is feasting on the benchmarks. Do not attempt to approach the beast while it is feasting. It breathes burning hot air from its mouth when it is feasting.

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Why do you want to attend this talk?

  • Java developers: learn what the JDK/JVM benchmark comparisons reveal.
  • JVM developers: learn what can be improved.
  • Learn some things about Eclipse Collections and Java Stream performance
  • Learn about Apache Zeppelin
  • Listen to me explain why my wife let me buy “The Beast”.

We learned a lot of interesting things running these benchmarks. I’ve given talks at Devnexus in 2018 comparing Java Collections frameworks and in 2019 comparing JVM Languages. This is the third in a growing collection of comparison talks I will have given at Devnexus. This is by far the most expensive talk I will ever give at Devnexus. I will have run 168 hours of benchmarks on The Beast in my home office.

So get ready, get set, and get going to Devnexus 2020 to attend all of the great talks!

I am a Project Lead and Committer for the Eclipse Collections OSS project at the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse Collections is open for contributions. If you like the library, you can let us know by starring it on GitHub.

Java Champion. Creator of the Eclipse Collections OSS Java library (http://www.eclipse.org/collections/). Inspired by Smalltalk. Opinions are my own.

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