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  • Amanda Walker

    Amanda Walker

    Enjoying reading and writing!

  • Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    Programmer. Writer (Pragmatic Programmer, Programming Ruby, Agile Web Development w/ Rails, Programming Elixir). Manifesto for Agile S/W Development. Speaker

  • Alina Yurenko

    Alina Yurenko

    I love all things tech & community. Developer Advocate for @graalvm, blog posts about programming, communities, productivity.

  • Dr. Amy Pierovich

    Dr. Amy Pierovich

    Top Writer in Poetry. I am a poet, sinologist, and researcher with a Doctorate of Education degree in Organizational Development and Leadership. Polyglot.

  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes

    Software Developer, Muay Thai Enthusiast

  • Jamie Bullock

    Jamie Bullock

    Senior Developer at https://www.lwks.com. Co-founder of http://integra.io. Let’s learn together.

  • Philipp Gysel

    Philipp Gysel

    I love Java☕. 6 years of professional experience. I am interested in Architecture, SpringBoot, and new Java features.

  • Denise Jones

    Denise Jones

    Product Leader, US expat, competitive traveler, and a “Hamilton” obsessive who really, really wants that last chocolate chip cookie.

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