• Max Chiu 

    Max Chiu 

    Software Developer, Architect, Software Craftsman, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast and Internet Startup Technologist. Founder of Pzaar.com

  • Ted Vinke

    Ted Vinke

    Java, Groovy & Grails enthusiast. All-round nice guy. Works @ First8 in the Netherlands.

  • Marco Ferreira

    Marco Ferreira

    Software Developer, Java lover, community enthusiast…

  • Steven Ricks

    Steven Ricks

  • Ali Abd-alkarim

    Ali Abd-alkarim

  • Margaret Eldridge

    Margaret Eldridge

    Writing and editing since 1996

  • Yves Sinkgraven

    Yves Sinkgraven

    Writer & Editor. Former Editor ITNEXT.

  • Svetlana Levitan

    Svetlana Levitan

    Soon to be open for new opportunities. Analytics software engineer and technical lead for many years. Meetup organizer, conference presenter, inventor, mentor.

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